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Joëlle Romita

Joëlle is a talented and creative hair and makeup artist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She started her career with full pasion in 2010.
She works with international magazines and other well-known commercial clients.
She always has a positive vibe and likes to think along in the overall picture. She has a good eye for the right look for any given concept.
She likes to work expressively but never looses the beauty. Her signiature look is a pure radiant skin with a touch of art and with the hair in exact balance.


Clients includes: &C Magazine, Anna + Nina, Hunkenmoller, Vestal Magazine, Elle Magazine, Bijenkorf, L’Oreal, Grazia Magazine, Claudia Strater, Expresso, Rough Studio’s, Happinez Magazine, Vanity Teen Magazine, JFK Magazine,  Mimi et toi, Andrelon, JANE magazine, Stories collective, Goosecraft, Maybelinne, Brandfield, Beaumont, PS Poelman, Omoda, Denham and many more.


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